Version 0.8.3 - 2015/05/04

  • Changed last thread link on Category index to go to the last thread post;

Version 0.8.2 - 2015/05/04

  • Added some css to stylize <pre> and code in post messages;
  • Added new setting FORUM_DEFAULT_THREADWATCH_CHECKBOX for default value for thread watch input in post form;
  • Don’t hide object owner in django admin anymore, close #12;

Version 0.8.1 - 2015/02/01

  • Fix bad name with moderation permissions for Category and Thread models;

Version 0.8.0 - 2015/01/25

  • Totally removing django-guardian usage and dependancy. Reasons are:
    • Add a new layer for managing permissions that is difficult to maintain;
    • guardian does not play nice with global permissions and groups, we have to add more code to manage it well;
    • Per-object permissions was a little bit out of the scope of this forum app because it’s not a community oriented forum;
  • Cleaning documentation from django-guardian occurences;

Version - 2015/01/12

  • Last try for fixing django-guardian before removing it;
  • Fix base template title;

Version - 2015/01/11

  • Fix forgotten typo in parser config name;

Version 0.7.5 - 2015/01/31

  • Fix typo on rst parser config name in default settings;

Version 0.7.4 - 2015/01/06

  • Fix bad template names in threadwatch sending;

Version 0.7.3 - 2014/12/21

  • Fix MANIFEST file for statics;

Version 0.7.2 - 2014/12/21

  • Refactoring templates organization;
  • Embed default SCSS sources files and its compiled CSS;
  • Embed used webfont;

Version 0.7.1 - 2014/11/23

  • Add an optional setting and template to display author’s Gravatar in thread’s post list using django-gravatar2>=1.1.4;
  • Refactoring how we use the crispies within forms;
  • Hide some fields for non moderator in thread forms;

Version 0.7 - 2014/11/23

  • Remove rstview from required dependancy;
  • Changing dependancy django-crispy-forms >= 1.4.0 to crispy-forms-foundation>=0.3.6 because we directly this one;
  • Changing forms, views and templates to use optional Text markup;
  • Add shipped stuff (not enabled by default) to use Django-CodeMirror editor and RestructuredText with the Text markup system;
  • Moving documentation from README to the docs/ directory, improve it and publish it on Read the docs;
  • Update French translation catalog for minor fix;

Version 0.6.8 - 2014/11/11

  • Removes South dependancy;
  • Minor improvements on forum.utils.ListAppendView class view;

Version 0.6.7 - 2014/08/30

  • Move form layouts from forum.forms.layouts to forum.forms.crispies;
  • Fix some bad choices with Permission mixins views;
  • Add django-guardian dependancy;

Version 0.6.6 - 2014/08/20

Add catalog translation for French, this close issue #7.

Version 0.6.5 - 2014/08/20

Add a view to find and redirect to the exact page where is a Post to have an absolute url working with paginated list, this close issue #5.

Version 0.6.1 - 2014/08/19

Validate RST syntax on Post message and Category description, this close issue #8.

Version 0.6 - 2014/08/19

  • Add ‘Django signals’ usage when new message is posted so we can use a signal receiver to send email notification;
  • Finalize threadwatch with a working email sending and update README for full explanation on threadwatch this close issue #2;

Version 0.5 - 2014/08/17

  • Use rstview template filter to render message text into RST, this close issue #3;
  • Return 403 response with a rendered template, this close issue #1;
  • Update README;

Version 0.4 - 2014/08/16

  • Improve README;
  • Add the right permission usage with django-guardian;
  • Add category and thread moderators;
  • Add form confirm into message delete form view;

Version 0.3.1 - 2014/08/12

  • Update package dependancies for missing South entry;
  • Update README;

Version 0.3 - 2014/08/12

Update to autobreadcrumbs 1.0 to have the full url’s namespace support, use namespaces everywhere

Version 0.2 - 2014/08/11

  • Use translation strings for everything;
  • Finish templates with Foundation;
  • Redo some models to have better modified dates;
  • Add initial South migrations;
  • Add default settings with pagination;
  • Add crispy layouts for all forms;
  • Some other minor changes;

Version 0.1 - 2014/08/04

First commit with a working version but not fully integrated.